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My First Year !

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I started ID You & Co., an online ecommerce website, in the beginning of the 2011. Offering ladies accessories and jewelry online with a twist, I would donate a portion of sales to charity.


As  2011 comes to an end, I look back to reflect on my accomplishments. The year was not without its ups and downs.  Setting out on unknown territory was extremely difficult.  I have learned an incredible amount.   Proud of what I have accomplished, yet humbled with so much more that needs to be done.

I would like to thank a few of my vendors that went above and beyond the call of duty:


Mordechai of “The Jewelers” in Las Vegas

Victoria of The Pink Kitty

Dinesh of Sterling Forest in NYC

Amanda of Junkyard Showroom in LA

Jay of Deepa Gurnani in NYC

Amanda of Big Buddha in NYC

Kerry of Vegas Tech Group


I would also like to thank my special friends, Gail, Suzy and Toni. They were always supportive and cheered me on and were great customers too. 


And of course my family, Drew, Brittany and Jordan.  Your continued support and understanding made it possible for me to pursue my dream.   


In closing, I would like to thank each and every customer.  Without you all, I could not have had such a successful year! 


I am looking forward to 2012 with great hope and excitement. 

Thank you,

Rhea Shervan

ID You & Co.


In 2011 ID You & Co. Donated to the following:


Adelson Education Campus        

American Diabetes                     

American Red Cross                   

The Arc of Monmouth                 

Feeding America                         

JCC of Las Vegas                       

National Breast Cancer               

National Kidney Foundation        

Nothing But Nets                        

Operation Smile                          

St. Jude                                      

Temple Beth Sholom in Las Vegas

Temple Sinai in Las Vegas         




Other  links:

The Jewelers

Las Vegas Tech

ID You & Co.









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