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Rhea Shervan created ID You & Co. to simply make a difference.  Her vision and creative artistry breathes a life of fresh air into the fashionista world.  Guilt-free shopping for her customers.  She welcomes participation of fellow designers to join her causes.  She also welcomes invitations from other charities.  ID You & Co. is a company fashioned with everyone's best interests at heart.


     Working in the fashion hub of America, New York City, Rhea gained invaluable experience from many of the major fashion companies in the world.  After moving to the west coast, she got a chance to see just how different east coast attitudes are from their western counterparts.  Enlightenment is an understatement.  By marrying the two mentalities together, ID You & Co. is in a perfect position to stand tall as a trend setter.  On one hand she's bringing the high standards from New York City, in the other hand she's carrying the more charitable west coast aspects, fold them together you've got fashion's version of peanut butter and jelly.  Two entirely different flavors meshing into one perfect taste.


     ID You & Co. offers a wide variety of unique and interesting accessories to their customers.  They're constantly adding new selections on a consistent basis.  Bracelets, rings, earrings, handbags, watches, scarves, compact mirrors, hair accessories, necklaces, footwear, and offerings for men and women are all available at ID You & Co.  Rhea even offers her favorite recommendations to customers.  If you're looking for great deals, be sure to check out her fabulous sales.  


     Currently, ID You & Co. works with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Inc, Feeding America, and Operation Smile.  They've also worked with Adelson Education Campus, American Diabetes, American Red Cross, JCC of Las Vegas, St. Jude, National Breast Cancer, The Arc of Monmouth, National Kidney Foundation, Nothing But Nets, Temple Beth Sholom in Las Vegas, and Temple Sinai in Las Vegas.  If you represent a charity or would like to recommend a charity that you're involved with, please include a detailed letter about your charity and why it should be featured on the ID You & Co. website.  While ID You & Co. is focused on bringing new and exciting fashion accessories to light, they feel it's equally important for you to gain an understanding about each of the charities they represent.  There's no greater glory and satisfaction than knowing everything you do is making a positive impact in someone's life.  


     ID You & Co. welcomes designers to present their accessories or items on their website.  They do expect the highest standards from potential contributors, but no higher than they expect from themselves.  Interested designers should present images of their items along with prices, quantity, and their availability.  More importantly, you'll want to share your companies story along with your inspiration for consideration.  


     ID You & Co. assists customers with the creation of items focused on bringing out their own personalities.  This is evident with the ID You & Co. Signature 14K White Gold and Diamond Eye Ring, which is custom made for every customer.  It boasts over one carat of black, blue, and white diamonds set in 14K white gold.  ID You & Co. also provides customers with personal engravings and Swarovski Crystal Options.  There are two options to choose from in their engravings:  Script or Clarendon.  There are more than forty colors with more than forty effects to choose from within their Swarovski Crystal Options.  If you've got a special request utilizing either of these services, you'll have to add your instructions at checkout or send them via email to their sales department.


     ID You & Co. accepts all major credit cards or you can make your payments through Google Wallet or Paypal.  Personally, I've always preferred Paypal because of the additional security.  Their customers best interests are always in their minds.  If you need further validation, if you ever find your item at a cheaper price they'll match that price for you.  You just have to email them a copy of proof of price and they'll refund the difference from your original price.  Of course, you have to do so within 30 days.  The same goes for exchanges or returns.  

That's the beauty of ID You & Co., caring is sharing.  


What Does ID You & Co. stand for:

ID = Identify 

You = Yourself 

Co. = Company