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About Our Vendors

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About Big Buddha

Fun, casual, eye catching-that's Big Buddha. You'll love these bags and the newly launched shoe collection for the soft materials, pop hardware and great colors. Big Buddha bags feature all the function you're looking for from plenty of pockets to adjustable shoulder straps and top zippers. This young brand has made its mark on the fashion scene, popping up on the arms of Hollywood's A list and in the pages of In Style, Lucky, Teen Vogue, Women's Wear Daily, Cosmopolitan, 0 Magazine, Marie Claire and more.

In between college and high school, Jeremy Bassan took a year off to travel the world, but little did he know that a one way ticket to Thailand would change his life forever. Inspired by the beautifully crafted and exotic bags in Asia, Bassan brought his new passion back to the United States with him. In the early days of Big Buddha, the young designer Jeremy Bassan caused quite a commotion when he started shipping a noticeable number of packages from his college dorm room. From small beginnings designing purses when he wasn't surfing or going to class, Bassan has been diligently working to establish Big Buddha as a front-runner in affordable fashion-forward handbags for women.

Involved in every level of design, production, and sales, Jeremy is the core of Big Buddha. Bassan designs handbags for the modern woman who may juggle a career, school, or a family. Big Buddha bags are animal-friendly, stylish, fun and won't break the bank.

Big Buddha bags work for women of any age - from polished and classic styles to playful, sassy shapes - the company's designs continue to innovate and change with fashion trends. Big Buddha's handbags have been praised in a plethora of publications for their stand-out style and versatility. Founder and designer, Jeremy Bassan, says, "Our bags are made for girls on the move-you can stuff your life into these bags." Steve Madden, the shoe mogul, is constantly discovering young designers and pairing up with them to create something fresh and exciting. In February 2010, the fashion industry was all abuzz, with Madden's latest collaboration being his newly acquired Big Buddha. Steve Madden and Big Buddha plan to build a strong line utilizing resources from Madden and expand into new stores, territories and categories. With Madden's expertise and Bassan's eye, Big Buddha has recently launched its first shoe line, which will be available at department stores and specialty boutiques nationwide.

Big Buddha bags and shoes are a reflection of Jeremy himself. Freshly transplanted from the beaches of California, the 27-year-old dual  American French citizen, world traveler, and entrepreneur runs his company from his new office at the Steve Madden Showroom in New York City. Big Buddha is continuing to grow as a young, vibrant company in a competitive industry - and is causing a commotion once again.

Green: Big Buddha bags are animal friendly and 100% vegan.


About Blee Inara

From stay-at-home mom to successful entrepreneur, Ivonne Kino has been creating jewelry with a soul since 2000. Her aspirations have culminated into Blee Inara, a vibrant company inspired by her spiritual outlook on life.

It all started when Ivonne's first child was born. Ivonne's mom, who lives in Mexico, gave her an eye charm for her baby to wear for protection, a tradition that fascinated many people in her community. As a result, she started selling jewelry with eyes to her friends and neighbors, giving any earnings to her mom.

After realizing the importance for people to find meaning in the jewelry they buy for themselves and others, Ivonne founded her first company, I Accessories. Designing and selling high-fashion eye jewelry, she operated I Accessories for 8 years.

Blee Inara is the culmination of Ivonne's tireless efforts to offer the perfect combination of design, comfort, and beauty, all inspired by a sense of harmony, bliss, goodwill and peace. Layering the jewelry and creating your own personal combination is a key aspect of the Blee Inara concept.

Blee Inara sells its jewelry throughout the world, and can be found in stores and boutiques such as Kitson, Fred Segal and Wink.B And now online with ID You & Co.



About Deepa Gurnani

This fast rising New York based hair accessories label was launched in 2006 by Indian born master beader, Deepa Gurnani, and her jewelry designer husband, Jay Lakhani, A Central Saint Martins graduate. Gurnani honed her craft embellishing couture for Alexander McQueen, Fendi And Emanuel Ungaro and this striking a line of headbands artfully fuses exotic cultural influences with super luxe retro chic appeal. Each piece is intricately handcrafted using beads, crystals and vintage fabrics. Simply slip one on to add an elegant bohemian feel to every ensemble.

While studying fashion at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, Deepa Gurnani beaded couture pieces for Alexander McQueen, Ben Maher, Emanuel Ungaro, Fendi, Marjan Pejoski, etc. Working closely with these designers not only enabled Deepa to understand European standards of quality and finish, but also compelled her to experiment with beading and embroidery techniques. This in turn gave her a distinct sense of style and sensitivity to create her own line.

Jay Lakhani, a Jewellery Designer from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, always dreamt of creating jewelled accessories. Having trained under the head designers of Tiffany and Bvlgari and working in the Fine Jewellery Industry, for eight years, with some of the largest retailers and manufacturers, Jay was always drawn to fashion. With basics and black on the rise in Fashion, he was keen to create something distinct and unusual, something that would make a statement and give the wearer a distinct sense of style, glamour and individuality.

After their marriage, the two designers collaborated their ideas and created pieces that incorporated Jewellery in Fashion and launched their label "Deepa Gurnani." Their first line was launched at Henri Bendels in November 2006 and is subsequently sold in various stores across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Each piece is individually handcrafted with the finest quality materials and crystals, by highly trained and skilled craftsmen. The designers add their final and personal touch to every piece by paying particular attention to quality and finish.


About echo

Echo is as diverse in its color palette and patterns as it is rich in its family heritage and history. Since 1923, Echo has focused on the principles of creativity, service, innovation and quality established by its founders, Edgar and Theresa Hyman. Initially a scarf company, Echo has built on the Hymans’ early vision of creating beautiful products that enrich our lives in ways they could never have imagined.


In 1923, Echo was the first brand name ever printed on a scarf. Today, we continue to push boundaries in print, pattern, color and design. At the same time, we maintain the company values that have enabled our success. Treating all people with respect, whether they are customers or employees, has been, and always will be, one of Echo’s top priorities. This fusion of beautiful design and strong family values has earned Echo loyal customers, long-term partners, and life-long employees. They are all part of an Echo family, one that was formed over 85 years ago and is united by a passion for the aesthetic joys of life. Edgar and Theresa could not have predicted how Echo would look after 85 years, but we’re confident they would be proud.

About Footsielicious.  3 Blonde Besties

Living in Southern California, we busy girls put a lot of miles on our footsies, which means, we go through a lot of flip flops. After purchasing many expensive sparkly sandals, we were heartbroken to have to throw out our beautiful bling with our worn out fancy flips. Now, with Footsielicious versatile jewels, you can invest in clips that long outlast your flips.  We take pride in using top quality, Swarovski grade crystals and hypo-allergenic metals. Our unique design is contoured to fit your flip securely for supreme comfort. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Headquartered in sunny Laguna Niguel, CA, we hope to turn your ordinary into extraordinary with our blingalicious collection. Feel free to contact us at for a store near you.


About Izzy & Ali.  Issy & Ali is a Los Angeles based hardbag company with a commitment of manufacturing fashion forward, animal-friendly designs of the highest quality. Our collection celebrates effortless chic and the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles by featuring a rainbow of hues, custom hardware, and designs that range from downtown hip to Malibu cool. The benefit of being vertically integrated allows us to maintain rigorous manufacturing standards and quality control at an economical value for our savvy customers.


About Honey House Naturals®

Based in Washington State, Honey House Naturals® and its values are well suited to the Pacific Northwest. As stewards of the environment, Honey House Naturals® is committed to the conservation of natural resources and respect for our planet. In keeping with that philosophy, our products are made with wholesome ingredients either found in or derived from nature. Honey House Naturals® uses only the very highest quality ingredients – no cheap fillers, always petroleum free and never tested on animals. In harmony with our commitment to conservation of the environment, we strive to employ reusable and recyclable materials in the packaging of our products.”

Our Story

Our story begins with Ruthie Willis, owner of Honey House Naturals®. A farm girl at heart, Ruthie has always had an almost reverent love for anything that grows. She has made it her business to learn the proper care and nurturing of things that stem from nature, including everything from children and flowers to fruit trees and honey bees. Her respect and appreciation for nature have transferred into her own business philosophy for Honey House Naturals®.

Honey House Naturals® was not even a glimmer in Ruthie’s eye when she began bee keeping as a hobby in 1980. Behind her home in the Puyallup Valley, Ruthie had terrific fruit trees that she wanted to be better pollinated, so she took a class from the local bee keeping expert. Waiting patiently at the mailbox for her first hive to arrive, the three-pound package of hot, hungry bees was swiftly handed over by an anxious mailman. That’s where our story begins.

The first year Ruthie had one hive, then three and, at the end of five years, seven bee hives. To improve her bee keeping skills, she joined the local bee club. As her work with the bees expanded, so did Ruthie’s family. Over the next 10 years, Ruthie had five children who would each help with the bee keeping in their own way. The family business continued to expand as they gradually went from 10 to 40 to 120 bee hives. Some hives were scattered in their backyard, others near a tulip farm in Puyallup and the rest in an apple orchard on the Olympic Peninsula. Around July 4 every year, the family would “suit up” to move the hives to the mountains so the bees could make fireweed and wildflower honey.

With an excess of honey and not enough friends to take it off their hands, the Willis family found that the local Farmer’s Market was ideal for marketing the liquid gold. Every summer the Willis kids could be found at the market, passing out samples of fireweed, huckleberry, blackberry or wildflower honey. Everyone was involved, even the youngest. At eight years old, he confidently managed the cashiering, making change with enthusiastic aplomb. Five times a week the family could be found anywhere from the Puyallup Farmer’s Market all the way up to the University District Market in Seattle.

They were always trying to find new things to complement the honey, making molded beeswax candles, homemade honey soap, pollen and fruited honey. Eager to try something new, Ruthie began experimenting with different mixtures of beeswax, oils and emollients to create a product to soothe dry, cracked skin. Using a desperate family friend as her guinea pig, she eventually found the perfect combination of ingredients that could heal even his seriously damaged skin, offering immeasurable relief. The popular Bee Bar® was born.

The family sold the original Bee Bar® for several years at farmers’ markets along with other honey products. Because it was such a popular product, in 2000, Ruthie made the decision to promote the Bee Bar® exclusively. As the children grew up and embarked on their own paths, Ruthie developed a new family of friends and employees who now produce, package and promote the Bee Bar® products from their Fife, Washington location.

Almost a decade and a half later, Honey House Naturals® ships to all 50 states and as far away as England and Guam. Although the Willis family no longer keeps honey bees, Honey House Naturals® still emanates the sweet, warm scent of the hive. The Honey House has become its own hive of activity in the production and marketing of the much-loved Bee Bar® and its family of products.

Honey House Naturals® - Make It Natural



About Hot Sox

Nearly 40 years after their start, Renfro Corporation, the world's largest hosiery company, acquired Hot Sox in 2007, forming an exciting partnership between manufacturing muscle and top design. That same year, Hot Sox released a sock starring a finely rendered knit portrait of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo to honor her 100th birthday, reflecting both the original, artistic foundations of the company and the ongoing influence that artists and their work have on Hot Sox designs.

Now, 2009's Lace Up Capris, which can be worn for an eclectic elegance, gladiator-glam or downtown-bondage look, reaffirm Hot Sox's commitment and strength in developing styles that work for every wearer's individuality. The Hot Sox Company remains a stride ahead of all others, and is sold in thousands of department and specialty stores worldwide.



About Jessie Steele

Jessie Steele's vintage-inspired hostess and kitchen aprons prove true the old adage that beauty and style are timeless. Influenced by the romantic visions of a bygone era and designed in vibrant colors, flirty patterns, and figure flattering shapes, these fine quality retro-chic cooking aprons make the perfect fashion accessory in or out of the kitchen. Helena Steele had collected 20th Century vintage aprons for years, enchanted by their amazing styles and nostalgic charm. These beautiful kitchen aprons symbolized the grace and beauty of a forgotten time. She visualized it was possible to preserve their heirloom characteristics while giving them a uniquely 21st Century fit and appeal. It was time to re-focus on friends and family, and revive the fun of the "hostess" party. Helena shared her vision with Claire Steele, her daughter and a former model and fashion expert. Helena proposed that they bring their talents together to create vintage aprons that would both reflect the retro whimsy of the 1940's and 50's and meet the challenging needs of today's woman. Claire enthusiastically agreed and Jessie Steele Fine Hostess Aprons was conceived. After spending over a year researching and developing their plans, exploring a wide variety of fabrics and prints and designing their own textiles and finessing cuts and styles, Helena and Claire began manufacturing the Jessie Steele line of vintage kitchen aprons. These aprons are not only beautiful and feminine, they are designed to make the woman who wears them look and feel good. This is a success story that has been born of true inspiration and hard work. Women of all ages and lifestyles have discovered the pleasure and fun of wearing Jessie Steele hostess aprons. Quite simply, Jessie Steele has taken the country by storm. In the seven years since they've launched the niche of nostalgic apron fashion, Jessie Steele fine hostess aprons have been sold in over 3000 stores, appeared on such hit television shows as Oprah and Desperate Housewives, the major motion picture Sex and the City 2, and have been featured in numerous national magazines and newspapers. In addition to plans to expand the Jessie Steele product line, the company is currently in the process of finalizing a number of major development deals that will open up more markets, ensuring that Jessie Steele remains the number one name in heirloom quality hostess aprons for a very long time to come.



History / About

La Mer was established in 2001 when Martine rummaged through her jewelry drawer and could not find a simple, stylish and feminine watch to wear. Combining her passion for design, love of quality materials and simple beauty, La Mer Collections was born. Inspiration is drawn from her journeys: South Africa’s colorful markets, Bali’s lush flowers, Italy’s gorgeous leathers and Thailand’s clear blue ocean. Each season La Mer’s color palette is chosen from these bright and colorful experiences. La Mer Collections’ focus is on classic watch faces designed exclusively by Martine Ilana, paired with beautiful leather straps. Every leather wrap watch is hand assembled in the United States and made with care.


Design Statement

“A watch is a private piece of art. Not only does it embody the skill of the artisan who created it, but it is an expression of the owner’s style. In this day and age, with all the technology surrounding us, all we truly need on our wrist is a watch that tells time. Often less is more when it comes to a timepiece’s design and wearing a watch allows you to appreciate esthetic qualities as well as function and technical reliability.”
“I have a tactile relationship with my watches and I appreciate the elegant faces and quality leather straps. Timepieces set the rhythm of my life, but they remain above all, pieces of jewelry with which I develop a genuine connection. I wear a watch because it is an object that conveyseys some of my most precious values; the connection between art and technology.” - Martine Ilana



About Plank

The Plank yoga brand combines cheeky Brit humor with a line of practical yet irresistibly stylish yoga mats and accessories designer to appeal to the devout yogi and everyone in between. Plank products are the beautiful result of a rather frustrated fashion and design enthusiast, Doreen Hing, creator of seeking balance with the aesthetic disconnect between the world of design and the traditional world of yoga... although attracted to the physical and mental benefits that yoga provides, our audacious creator wanted to prove that the principles of a yoga proactive weren't confined to the walls of a classroom. Yoga first and foremost can be useful, fun, creative and achievable for those real people with busy lives ~ no matter their passion.

The grand result of that inquisitive quest for design function is our luxe lifestyle brand that embodies a mash up of differing yoga philosophies to form a unique, artistic and relevant perspective. In a sea of ordinary, 'cookie cutter' style products on the market, Plank is deliberate in it's design to motivate our fans and customers to shift the idea of what a yoga mat is, as you'll see and enjoy with our Signature Photo Mat Series; a collection of commissioned, art-quality images hand rendered onto eco-friendly, fully sustainable natural rubber. Plank's yoga mats and accessories are created with the visual appeal that inspires and provokes new, fresh ideas about just what yoga is all about. Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy.Plank it

About Rioni

Rioni is a trademarked and registered Italian brand.  Sold worldwide.  The Rioni uses only the finest leathers and canvas in all their collections. Every Rioni product goes through a stringent process of quality controls to ensure it passes the leading industry standard requirements before it is internationally distributed. 


Rioni products  are made with superior craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, outstanding durability, and exquisite design theory.  Their products are handmade and crafted by experts and professionals. Though out the years, Rioni has continued to stand behind their products.  Every Rioni product is covered by its warranty against any manufacture defect.  Their products and service department will be more than glad to either replace or repair any defective Rioni products, free of charge. 

About Triple C Designs


About Zirconmania

Founded in 1986, Zirconmania is a jewelry designer & manufacture renowned for its high quality jewelry.

The Zirconite Collection: Is a high intensity super cut Cubic Zirconia and is designed, handcrafted and sold exclusively through Zirconmania worldwide. The Zirconite Travel boxed jewelry brand is worn by the Savvy, Fashionable and Well to Do Worldly women for it's High Quality Look of Real and true value.