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Mini Bags, Fur Keychains, Ponchos, and Combos

Rhea Shervan

I love Fall and especially this Fall 2015.   Leather, fur, and soft fabrics, all used in a such a beautiful way this season.  From a very barque embroidered style to the casual fringe and flannel shirts combo.  This season make fashion work for you, it's easy.  All you have to do is wear a pair of leggings, your favorite boots, and pair it with a beautiful scarf, poncho or coat.  Add a little purse and your ready to go. And If you like me after a long day with my handbag and usually a tote, I definitely want to switch it up to go out at night.  I picked out some great little bags to go with all the styles this season and paired them with likely accessories.  Like our floppy hat, poncho and fingerless gloves combo.  Or our fun mini bags with or without our trendy fur ball keychain charms.  Detachable and functional.  I have gotten so used to grabbing my fur ball in my large handbag.  So easy to find.  Anything to make life a little easier.  

Be an individual.  

Poncho, Hat, Glove Combo by ID You & Co.



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