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We are monthly ASPCA donors and we need your help to Speak out against horse slaughter!

Rhea Shervan

If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE horses.  When I lived in Long Island I had a beautiful painted horse named Toby.  Words cannot describe how much I miss him.  When I read this story, I had to blog about it.  Please help!

This year 150,000 American horses—including former pets, racers and workers—will be trucked across our borders to meat processing plants in Canada and Mexico. They will then be brutally slaughtered for food, sometimes while still alive and conscious. This horribly cruel practice can be stopped, but not without your help.

The United States Senate is considering the Safeguard American Foods Exports (SAFE) Act, legislation that would protect horses by prohibiting their slaughter for human consumption and banning their export for that purpose.

You are one of a few who can help horses right now: your U.S. senator has not yet cosponsored the SAFE Act. With the right cosponsors, like your senator, we have a greater chance of pushing this bill through the legislative process and on to final votes—and hopefully, passage.

What You Can Do

Until you speak up, no horse is safe from meeting this terrifying fate. Even if you have done so before, please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center today to easily connect with your senator by phone and urge him or her to support and cosponsor the SAFE Act.

Horses are our companions and a historically significant part of American culture. We owe them a kinder, more dignified end of life than to be cruelly slaughtered. On behalf of America’s horses, thank you.

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