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iBoost Portable Power by Triple C Designs


We all love our smart phones.  They have wormed their way into our hearts and made themselves indispensable in our lives.  Maybe that is why we get such a feeling of dread when we are away from the office or home and look down to see that we only have 10% charge left.  We have all been there, with phone calls and emails that have to be returned and a phone that has decided to take a nap at the most inopportune time.  But never fear, Triple C Designs has created a beautiful way to never again run out of power on your phone or mobile device!

What is iBoost Portable Power ?

The iBoost Portable Power by Triple C Designs is a smarter way to stay connected.  Think of it as a backup plan for your phones and mobile devices.  While we all try to remember to fully charge our phones before starting our day, sometimes we forget to plug them in.  Or maybe we have tons of extra calls, emails and social media draining our batteries.  Whatever the reason, iBoost Portable Power by Triple C Designs is a back up power plan for your phones and devices when you most need it. 

Who Needs One?

Emergencies happen every day and when something happens, good or bad, the first thing you need to do is make contact with your kids in college, your parents and siblings in another state, and your spouse who is away on a business trip.  People from all professions and walks of life need a back up power source to help them keep in touch and the iBoost Portable Power by Triple C Designs is perfect whether they are in a dorm room or camping out in a tent.  

My Phone has a Charger, Why Do I Need the iBoost Portable Power? 

Chargers are great and we have to have them, but they can only charge your phone to 100%, and some days 100% is just not enough.  With the iBoost Portable Power by Triple C Designs, you have access to additional power above and beyond what your phone and devices hold.  It's like having a bank of power to draw on as needed, so that you can stay in touch even on the busiest days.  The iBoost Portable Power can add that layer of security you need when you don't have access to or can't use your charger, such as when traveling or in remote areas.

Is it Just for Phones?

One of the greatest things about the iBoost Portable Power by Triple C Designs is that it uses a USB port and can charge almost any device.  From iPhones, iPods, and  iPads to other brands of mobile phones, digital cameras and much more.  It's rechargeable lithium ion battery has a fast charge time, taking only about three hours to fully charge.  Once charged just put it in your bag, pocket, briefcase or in your car. Never again will you be stuck in a dark, deserted parking lot with a car that won't start and a dead phone.  

Will it be Difficult to Carry? 

Smaller and lighter than most smart phones, the slim compact design of the iBoost Portable Power by Triple C Designs fits neatly in pockets, briefcases, purses, car visors and more.  It's USB charging cable is attached to the device so that you never have to search for it.  And it comes in many beautiful colors and designs.  Pick one to match your decor or your mood or even better, get several to keep all your family members connected throughout their busy days.  It makes an awesome and thoughtful gift, too!

Even More Great Ideas

The iBoost Portable Power by Triple C Designs is one of an entire line of quality products designed to keep you connected with beauty and style.  Also available are the Power Mate Plus, iSlide iPhone 5 Cell Phone Case, iPhone 4 case and the bluCube.  Truly great ideas!







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