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Rhea's Blog — Fall Clearance Sale

Huge SAVINGS on Deepa Gurnani Hair Accessories

Alan Schiff Deepa Gurnani Hair Accessories Fall Clearance Sale

Deepa Gurnani Hair Accessories If you mention Deepa Gurnani to anyone in the fashion industry there’s one word that keeps coming up.  Love.  Christina from New York says “I LOVE Deepa Gurnani Headbands. I have quite a few of them and always get complimented when wearing [them].  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE And highly recommend.” It’s no accident.  This line is the celebration of the love of a husband and wife team.  Jay Lakani was a Jewelry Designer.  He studied at FIT and trained with Fine Jewelry designers from Tiffany and Bvlgari.  Deepa Gurnani studied at the Central Saint Martins College...

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