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Believe in yourself.....

Rhea Shervan Faith ID You & Co. Joel Osteen Ladies Accessories Words of wisdom

Everyday I start my day by reading  "Today's Word with Joel & Victoria".   The words they speak always inspire me and help me get thru the day. Today's words really hit home for me.  Everybody has dreams, I hope these words help you as much as it helped me.   Stay strong, nothing is easy. TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria Can you remember the time when you first discovered a big dream in your heart? Maybe you were determined to excel in your career, or as a parent, or maybe you were focused on deepening your walk with the...

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ID YOU & CO.- My First Year

Rhea Shervan Breast Cancer Feeding America ID You & Co. Ladies Accessories Operation Smile St. Jude Sterling Jewelry The Jewelers

  I started ID You & Co., an online ecommerce website, in the beginning of the 2011. Offering ladies accessories and jewelry online with a twist, I would donate 10% of purchases to charity. As  2011 comes to an end, I look back to reflect on my accomplishments. The year was not without its ups and downs.  Setting out on unknown territory was extremely difficult.  I have learned an incredible amount.   Proud of what I have accomplished, yet humbled with so much more that needs to be done. I would like to thank a few of my vendors that went...

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