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iBoost Portable Power by Triple C Designs

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We all love our smart phones.  They have wormed their way into our hearts and made themselves indispensable in our lives.  Maybe that is why we get such a feeling of dread when we are away from the office or home and look down to see that we only have 10% charge left.  We have all been there, with phone calls and emails that have to be returned and a phone that has decided to take a nap at the most inopportune time.  But never fear, Triple C Designs has created a beautiful way to never again run out of...

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The Triple C Power Mate Plus is a life saver....

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If you’ve ever had one of those days when you dealing with phone call after phone call, email after email, and lots of app work in between, then your phone battery has probably died off to the point of shutting down absent a quick charge up in the car lighter plug or at the office. Worse, you could be stuck on a long plane flight or running between connecting flights in an airport with no ability to recharge again while waiting. In the meantime, your smartphone has died off halfway through the trip. The fact is, while a good smartphone...

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