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The Triple C Power Mate Plus is a life saver....

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If you’ve ever had one of those days when you dealing with phone call after phone call, email after email, and lots of app work in between, then your phone battery has probably died off to the point of shutting down absent a quick charge up in the car lighter plug or at the office. Worse, you could be stuck on a long plane flight or running between connecting flights in an airport with no ability to recharge again while waiting. In the meantime, your smartphone has died off halfway through the trip.

The fact is, while a good smartphone battery can last up to two days, that assumes the phone is hardly used at all. It’s not a realistic pattern of cell phone use for most normal people and definitely not for power users.

However, C Power Mate offers a great solution. Small, compact, convenient and useful, C Power Mate provides an iPhone user the ability to keep on going through a long day or remote weekend when a recharge isn’t reasonable or possible. Due to the design of the Power Mate, a user can plug in the extra battery power with quick benefits and keep on going until the end of the day. Further, the Power Mate is small, compact and easy to manage. It just needs to be charged up like a phone. Then, a user just places the unit in a bag or pocket for when it’s needed. At recharge time the user pulls out the Power Mate, plugs it into the phone, and the phone is instantly extended for hours more.

The benefits of the C Power Mate are many and significant. In terms of keeping the phone going, the Power Mate lasts as long as 250 hours without any further, extended use ( In terms of actual use, a user can expect up to 5 hours of actual, continued use with the Power Mate plugged in. From a different perspective, the extension can provide up to 20 hours of music playing through a iPhone as well. The Power Mate isn’t bulky or heavy either. Instead, it easily fits inside a pocket for convenient carrying ( On the side of the unit a LED signal indicates if the Power Mate is ready to go or needs a charge itself. Finally, the C Power Mate works with all major types of iPhones and Apple mobile tools including iPads, iPhones 3GS through 4S and iPods. Unfortunately, the Power Mate does not work with other smartphone types.

So the next time you find yourself harried and chasing time to get your phone connected back on a charger or to avoid the down-time waiting for your phone to be fully charged again, the C Power Mate could very well be the answer. It's portable, functional, inexpensive and provides a smart, practical solution for more smartphone battery time.  Visit ID You & Co. to view the entire Triple C Designs Collection


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