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Bling Ties For Men or Women

Rhea Shervan Bling Ties

Bling Ties

 I was at a charity event and saw a stunning bling tie on my friends husband.  He looked fantastic !  The tie was bold and exciting. It had Swarovski Crystals all over it.  You could see him from the other side of the room.  I had to ask him where he got this wonderful tie?  He explained that his wonderful wife buys them from all the auctions at special events that she goes to.  Well, I had to find one of these fabulous bling ties for my husband.  

Several weeks later, I was at another charity event and saw one of these ties up for auction.  Retail price $450.00 with an opening bid of  $200.  It was black with blue Swarovski Crystals bedazzled all over it.  I knew my husband would love it and had  to have it.  But the I had some competition...... In the end, I got the tie for $275.00 and I thought I won the lottery.  My husband loved it but it was a bit more than he usual spends on a tie.  But it goes to charity I told him.  And he agreed, it was for a good cause.  

Then I started thinking, this is a perfect item for ID You & Co.  Because at ID You & Co. its all about being different, unusual and charitable (of course) .  But how and who will make these fabulous bling ties for me??  You know the saying, ask and you shall receive....I asked and I received.  A good friend called me and said, I have a young lady that I think you should meet.  She loves making hair goods and would like to talk to you.  So, I set up the appointment and meet her.  I told her about my Bling Tie idea and showed her my husband tie.  The next day she had a tie done.  I have to say it looked AMAZING, just as good as the $450 tie.  So, I am now in the tie business.  Which is kinda funny because my first job in New York City was an assistant buyer for Mens Ties.  

I hope you enjoy Stacy's Bling Ties as much as my husband does, especially because its a quarter of the price !  If you want to sparkle then this is the tie for you.  BLING TIES

ps. I think it looks great on women too.

Give the gift that gives again at ID You & Co.

We donate 10% of every sale to charity.  

Thank You!

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