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ID YOU & CO.- My First Year

Rhea Shervan Breast Cancer Feeding America ID You & Co. Ladies Accessories Operation Smile St. Jude Sterling Jewelry The Jewelers

  I started ID You & Co., an online ecommerce website, in the beginning of the 2011. Offering ladies accessories and jewelry online with a twist, I would donate 10% of purchases to charity. As  2011 comes to an end, I look back to reflect on my accomplishments. The year was not without its ups and downs.  Setting out on unknown territory was extremely difficult.  I have learned an incredible amount.   Proud of what I have accomplished, yet humbled with so much more that needs to be done. I would like to thank a few of my vendors that went...

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Bling Ties For Men or Women

Rhea Shervan Bling Ties

Bling Ties  I was at a charity event and saw a stunning bling tie on my friends husband.  He looked fantastic !  The tie was bold and exciting. It had Swarovski Crystals all over it.  You could see him from the other side of the room.  I had to ask him where he got this wonderful tie?  He explained that his wonderful wife buys them from all the auctions at special events that she goes to.  Well, I had to find one of these fabulous bling ties for my husband.   Several weeks later, I was at another charity event...

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Huge SAVINGS on Deepa Gurnani Hair Accessories

Alan Schiff Deepa Gurnani Hair Accessories Fall Clearance Sale

Deepa Gurnani Hair Accessories If you mention Deepa Gurnani to anyone in the fashion industry there’s one word that keeps coming up.  Love.  Christina from New York says “I LOVE Deepa Gurnani Headbands. I have quite a few of them and always get complimented when wearing [them].  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE And highly recommend.” It’s no accident.  This line is the celebration of the love of a husband and wife team.  Jay Lakani was a Jewelry Designer.  He studied at FIT and trained with Fine Jewelry designers from Tiffany and Bvlgari.  Deepa Gurnani studied at the Central Saint Martins College...

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Fall Clearance Sale Comparisions

Alan Schiff fashion outlet overstock sales items

Fall Clearance Comparisions   IDYOUCO.COM FALL CLEARANCE SALE It’s not often you can combine a fantastic price with a charitable contribution, but  once again, brings this opportunity to you – just in time for the holidays.    Our Fall Clearance sale includes a limited selection of accessories that are perfect for gift giving, or just to round out your winter wardrobe for the season.  Featured products include beautiful handbags from Big Buddha Bags, fashion watches from La Mer and a few stylish items from Hot Sox (just in time for the cold weather). I know our prices are great,...

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Sterling Silver Rises in Value & Popularity

Alan Schiff sterling silver jewelry sterling silver sales are on the rise

According to a 2010 Nielson study 87% of Jewelry retailers reported an increase in Silver Jewelry sales and reported silver accounted for 36% of all jewelry sales.  Even more important, 97% of Jewelers surveyed believed the silver boom will continue for years.   Gold had always been historically popular for jewelry and accessories, is also expensive.  The value of gold has increased at amazing pace.  In 2001 an ounce of gold was about $300.  Today in October of 2011 it’s about $1650.  That’s an increase of over 5 times.  With gold prices at such a premium, it places many items...

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